Project Description

The Academic Orchestra of Madrid, founded and conducted by Íñigo Pirfano in 2000, contacted Apóstrofe Comunicación to create awareness around its scheduled performances in 2010. After the initial steps consisting on placing its concerts in the most important media events’ calendars, the agency proposed Pirfano to manage interviews with him as speaker to increase the awareness. The results were immediate and within two months Pirfano was interviewed on the most popular television network, TVE, and several radio stations. In 2012 he was awarded with the “Young Leadership Award” from Rafael del Pino’s Foundation “for his ability to understand the cultural industry in a flexible and imaginative way” leading the Academic Orchestra of Madrid (OAM). This award changed the PR Strategy that year to focus all efforts on presenting Pirfano as an unusual and very effective leader. Business publications such as Executive Excellence, ABC, Cinco Días or Servimedia were some of the media that published long interviews with the conductor. In 2013 Pirfano published his second book, the best seller “Inteligencia musical”, from Plataforma Editorial. The Academic Orchestra of Madrid has been directly benefited from the reputation of its director and in 2012 began its first international tour.