Project Description

Migueláñez is one of the most popular Spanish family business of sweets and confectionary industry. Created by Onésimo Migueláñez in 1983, in 2009 the company decided to hire a PR Agency to respond to the growing demand of information from media. They were looking for a very special agency, one of those you can trust from the first moment. After a selection process, Migueláñez chose Apóstrofe for his deep knowledge of the company (due to a previous professional relationship) and its strong relations with retail & food media. Since 2009 the brand awareness grew exponentially. The company has been featured on television reports and all kind of media from general information to business press. Their family story is known by many Spanish people and it is presented as a success story of a family business. Apostrofe created and strengthened Migueláñez profiles on social networks and developed the CSR policy around the campaign “Sonrisas Dulces” (“Sweets Smiles”) which annually mobilizes hundreds of thousands of people. Since the launch of the first CSR campaign the company has been awarded by national and international institutions and media.