Project Description

In February 2013, Diana Garcia Roy, a Spanish sculptor, returned to Spain after a year living in Italy, where she had enjoyed a scholarship at the Academy of Spain in Rome. She decided to change her website in order to reflect the nature of her work and artistic personality through it. After a first contact with the graphic design’s team from Apóstrofe, a close relationship between the sculptor and the agency started. Several briefing sessions, interviews, visits to the studio of the sculptor and reviews of her images’ files were the starting point of a website that was created from scratch. Through this immersion in the work of the artist, is currently an open door to intimate corners of the work of the sculptor. It is mainly a visual web, where all the attention is focused on Diana García Roy´s sculptures. It is a web according to her elegant, sober, orderly and inviting style. Just what the sculptor craved: a virtual environment –and structure- that connects with her spirit.